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Getting Started
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Where do I start?

At the 2008 AIGA-Minnesota “REdesign Retreat” the question was raised again "Where do I start?" (...to learn how to apply sustainability ideas to what I do.) Please feel free to share this information with your own networks.

Here's a quick overview...

Option A) "Where do I start?" the fast-track to applied sustainability...

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging
A 2-day in-person workshop. The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging course was developed and will be taught by professionals from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), the Packaging Association of Canada (PAC), Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions, LLC (PTIS), and Global Sustainability Solutions Inc. (GSSI). This workshop lets you jump in with both feet, then hit the ground running. Great for non-packaging people too. Using packaging as their examples, from product to print, the ideas apply to all efforts.

MCAD Online: Sustainable Design Program
Elements of Sustainability, a 5-week online workshop. The introductory class to MCAD's Sustainable Design program, this class is open to credit and non-credit students alike. Running several times a year, it's an intensive, hands-on, jump-start for designers, business people, civic planners and decision makers to apply sustainable thinking and pragmatic action to any endeavor. This class is totally online, very affordable, and easily fits any schedule. Visit MCAD’s Sustainable Design program website for Elements or other credit and non-credit class and workshop options to fit your interest area.

Option B) "Where do I start?" the self-guided journey...

To get an idea of how the pieces fit together, start with these two webinars:
Design Directions for Sustainability
Designing for Sustainable Packaging
Available on CD: http://www.packagedesignmag.com/webinars.shtml 

Continue your self-education effort with these book suggestions from o2-USA/Upper Midwest’ “Knowledge IS Power” campaign.

“By educating ourselves, we can in turn educate our clients, suppliers, and the consumer, the driving force behind it all. Green design simply becomes good design, and suddenly the whole landscape has changed. Quite a lot to demand of a little lunchtime reading, but every journey starts with a single step. This one doesn't even require special shoes.”

For the complete o2umw.org reading list, with industry specific guides, books, and links go to...  http://www.o2umw.org/reading.html

Don't have time to wade through it all? These classic (and soon to be classic) works from the o2umw.org short list will give you a solid foundation with actionable answers.

> Read these first...

1] These are must-have books providing an overview of systems thinking and applied sustainability applicable to any effort. “Packaging Sustainability” and "Sustainable Graphic Design" include a look at previous business systems as well, to help you better leverage what you are already doing.

Packaging Sustainability:
Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design
Sustainable Graphic Design:
Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Print Design

Design Guidelines for Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging Coalition

> Now just keep reading...

2] Understanding design in the big picture...
Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change
by Victor Papanek

3] Gain a deeper understanding of applied sustainability...
Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
by William McDonough, Michael Braungart

4] Learn to make the business case...
Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins

5] Then gain buy-in...
New Rules of Green Marketing
by Jacquelyn A. Ottman

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