Twin Cities Green Drinks:
Minneapolis & St. Paul area's eco get-together

6pm-7:30ish the second Wednesday
of every month.

Part of a global non-movement to charge your eco spirit, make some new connections, and learn a thing or two. All of our haunts offer a variety of organic food and beverages for ALL ages. Green-Drinkers from other cities are always welcome!

Traveling? Check Green Drinks Global for a gathering at your destination. It's a great way to get local!

TCGD Host Information:

Host group:
How about YOUR group? Review this page then contact the TCGD Coordinating Group, o2-USA/Upper Midwest at 651-636-0964.

What it takes to be a TCGD Host:
There is no cost obligation (besides your own beverages of course). In fact Green Drinks is successful because it's a no-budget event — it's very grassroots and organic. Plus, it's the easiest eco-advocacy job on the planet.

  • Talk to Venue: Clear event timing and possible number of people (10-40) with the venue you choose to be sure another Stammtisch type group isn't also there on the same night. As TCGD is a no-budget event, we do not use venues that require minimums, or fees.
  • Select an Onsite Organizer: Get someone in your group (or several someones) with eco-knowledge to solidly commit to showing up NO LATER THAN 5:45pm. Note on dates: We move TCGD to different venues three times a year to share the love, keep from wearing out our welcome at any one venue, and turn people on to new businesses and neighborhoods — but the time and day must not change or we loose people.
  • Prep the Meeting Area: On arrival, find the table(s) your group arranged with the venue. Mark off tables with TCGD table tents (Printable PDF below). Be sure to let the cashier or manager know you're there and to point "Green Drinkers" to your table(s).
  • Facilitate Discussions: Hosts act as organizer, people mixer, and referee if needed to step in and get things moving along if there is someone bent on monopolizing the forum. Occasionally we get people who look at this as an infomercial, or soapbox, opportunity. We love people bringing brochures to share, and talking a bit about their thing. But no monologues more than a minute — unless they are a pre-arranged guest speaker and the host formally announces it as part of that trimester's featured themes. Though politics and/or products often can be part of the discussion, the idea of Green Drinks is to provide common ground, a place to share ideas, relax and be agenda-less, network, and so on. Keep things inclusive, energizing, and fun.

TCGD event format:
We've found that occasionally an informal pure networking event with a loose theme or question for the evening is a nice change of pace. But to do that all of the time tends to turn people off, they loose interest, and attendance drops sharply. The more successful event format is one where there is a speaker, a bit of Q&A/Discussion, plus time to mingle.

Suggested time format...
6-6:30 — People arrive, get beverages, chat a bit with their neighbors,
6:30-6:50 — Speaker(s),
6:50-7 — Q&A/Discussion,
7-onward — Networking

Additional up-to-the-second speaker and venue info: click USA > Minnesota > Minneapolis/St. Paul
Hosts are provided access to this easily editable section on the global site.

Snow cancellations:
If it looks like a driving hassle — Green Drinks is canceled for that month.

Venue to be arranged by host group:
Feel free to pick from past list below, or share the love with a new place of your choosing.

What we look for in a TCGD venue:
We love to support eco-minded businesses. It's nice if it has wine and beer, but we'd like to make it accessible to college age folks as well, so no under 21 excluded places if possible. A yummy selection of after work type food is a huge plus too. It also needs to be a place that doesn't mind a party of 25-40 casually straggling in — or not. Easy parking and "TAKE THE BUS!" (link to MTA site) accessible. To keep things fair we've also been trying to do one trimester each in Minneapolis, Midway-ish, and St. Paul.

TCGD Event Promotion and Connections:
TCGD Facebook Group
(TCGD facebook personae: is an organic place for conversations to keep going, post links and tips, and in general reach out to TCGD attendees. All hosts are encouraged to join this group. The mailing list ( is where people sign-up for automated reminders, and news of area events. All hosts are asked to join this list as it's our (and your) main direct connection to TCGD-GreenDrinks regulars. Our TCGD home-site, is where hosts put-up venue and speaker info. When you are formally accepted as a host you will be given the Admin username and password for this and our Twitter feed (tcgd). Our Facebook Group site is open to anyone, and anyone can post info or make announcements there.

Trimester wrap-up:
Did you like hosting? We've added scheduling slots for several years in advance on the TCGD section of the website. If you'd like to host again, sign-up for the trimester that works best for you in advance. We work on a first-dibs basis. We'll contact you a few months before your scheduled trimester to be sure you're still a go for your selected time.

Green Drinks International
& TCGD History:

Begun in 1989 with the idea of information and ideas cross pollination (the core of, the Green Drinks forum allows people from all industries and walks of life to share ideas, and network on a level not possible through dedicated advocacy groups. Using the idea of common ground to create a truly organic experience, it allows ideas to spread more quickly, and more diversely, than the more traditional events provide.

In 2002 a group of employees from Aveda and members of the local chapter of the o2 Global Sustainable Design Network ( came together to launch a forum where people on all places of their sustainable journey could meet to share ideas, inspirations, and opportunities. Still going strong, the Twin Cities Green Drinks continues to provide unique networking, and info-sharing opportunities for people of all eco-interests.

Want to get a feel for what Green Drinks is about? New York City Green Drinks makes CNN...

The Twin Cities Green Drinks would be nothing without the continued support of local Venues and Host Groups...

Preferred Haunts from TCGD's History...
Hosts: Always be sure to call 2-months before event start to check with venue if an event like ours will be doable. We can have from 10-40 people, so we can't guarantee numbers. We chose Wednesdays because that's usually a quiet night, and most places are a bit more flexible then about loose groups. But call first.

Birchwood Cafe
3311 E 25TH St, Minneapolis, MN [Seward]
[In Minneapolis but very near St. Paul, lots of street parking, or TAKE THE BUS!]
(Notes: Best during the "Outside Time" slot to accomodate a larger crowd.)

Common Roots Cafe
2558 Lyndale Av S Minneapolis, MN [LynLake]
[26th and Lyndale, off-street parking, or TAKE THE BUS!]
(Notes: Be sure to reserve the meeting room.)

Ginger Hop Restaurant/Honey Bar
201 East Hennepin Av / Minneapolis, MN [East Hennepin & 2nd St]
[Street parking, or TAKE THE BUS!]

The IN - Intelligent Nutrients Flagship Store
983 E Hennepin Av, Minneapolis, MN [SE/UofM at 35W]
[Parking lot, or TAKE THE BUS!]
(Notes: Tons of space, but check opening hours.)

Red Stag Supper Club
The First LEED-CI Registered Restaurant in Minnesota
509 1st Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55408
[1st Av NE near 5th St NE, street parking, Banks lot free after 6, or TAKE THE BUS!]
(Notes: Be sure they don't also have a band scheduled to start during the TCGD times.)

Trotters Cafe
232 North Cleveland Av, St. Paul, MN [at Marshall]
[parking in back, plus lots of street parking, or TAKE THE BUS!]
(Notes: Great during the colder months as they will set aside a whole section of the restaurant.)

Past and Present TCGD Host Group Cadre...

The Alliance for Sustainability
DoItGreen — Minnesota
Metro Clean Energy Resource Teams Network (CERTs)
Minneapolis College of Art and Design / Sustainable Design Program
MN Renewable Energy Society
Mississippi Headwaters Chapter U.S. Green Building Council
Net Impact, Minneapolis Professional Chapter
reDesign, AIGA MN's Sustainability Program
Twin Cities Blue Sky Guide

Founding Host Group: o2-USA/Upper Midwest
Provides default hosting and website support, as wells as coordinates host groups. 651-636-0964



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