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Regional and national volunteer and advocacy opportunities and projects
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| Projects |

Drop us a note to get details on o2-UMW projects and volunteer opportunities.

Higher Education Campaign:
Eco-responsibility in the Classroom [ Learn more... ]

Letter to the Editor:
An o2umw.org green publishing campaign, urging subscribers to SPEAK! Is your favorite publication resisting change? Don't just take-it, speak-up! Drop them a note and tell them how. Green America: The Magazine Paper Project [ Learn more... ]

| Volunteer |

Higher Education Campaign:
Lecturers needed.

Liaisons Wanted:
IA, ND, SD, WI > Ready to get local?

Volunteer Network:
The heart of o2-UMW. Mentors needed for Intern/Non-profit Connection.

| Co-op Projects |

Alliance for Sustainability

o2 Quick Deeds

Stuff to do,
for an hour or two,
here and there
with panache & flair.

1] Living Green Expo

2] MCAD Film Series
Pick a film...

3] Green Drinks Host
Pick a month...

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