An Overview of
Sustainability Associates
and its Services:

Mission – The mission of Sustainability Associates is to bring about sustainability on the personal, organizational and planetary level.

Vision – Meeting the basic needs of all people within a sustainability framework that is ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and humane.

Approach – Since 1996 Sustainability Associates has worked with business, government, hospitals, academic and religious institutions, architectural firms, nonprofits, communities, farmers and individuals to save money, improve performance, gain enhanced strategic position, become environmentally and socially responsible, and have more fun through cutting-edge sustainability thinking, design, visioning and coaching, eco-auditing, sustainability assessments, Natural Step Framework and Personal Sustainability training, keynotes, organizational and policy development, marketing, technical consulting and capital formation for sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability Thinking, Design, Visioning and Coaching – As our society faces increasing environmental and social challenges, a range of new, powerful frameworks and tools have emerged for creating a sustainable society. Sustainability Associates specially tailors practical interactive processes, visioning, experiential learning, Personal Sustainability Seminars, coaching and guided learning for individuals, organizations and communities to support breakthrough, out-of-the-box experiences that bring a shift to sustainability.

Eco-Auditing and Sustainability Auditing and Assessments – More and more businesses, government agencies and nonprofits are being held accountable by diverse stakeholders and recognize the need for a new, triple bottom line—people, planets and profits or social, environmental and financial. Sustainability Associates works with the client to determine an appropriate methodology with a confidential and/or public report to meet its needs:

a. Environmental and/or Social Assessment - At the most basic level is a simple, relatively quick and inexpensive environmental and/or social assessment of the workplace providing a statement of opportunities and potential risks. 

b. Eco-Audit - At the next level is an eco-audit of all operations and suppliers detailing environmental and health strengths, challenges and recommendations for saving money, improving performance and gaining strategic advantage. 

c. Sustainability Audit - Finally, a sustainability audit of all operations and suppliers provides a comprehensive analysis of the social, environmental and health strengths, challenges and recommendations for significant savings, a healthy workplace, new strategic opportunities, and improved productivity, morale, and public image.

Training on Sustainability and the Natural Step Framework – The Natural Step Framework is a powerful, proven approach to sustainability that was originally developed in Sweden in 1989 and is being successfully used around the world by leading business, government, academic and religious institutions, nonprofits and individuals. Sustainability Associates offers Executive Presentations, Introductory Presentations, one day and two-day (as well as evening) Seminars on Sustainability and the Natural Step Framework, Train-the-Trainer Programs, and specialized seminars for professionals and institutions, including architects, hospitals, religious institutions, educators, farmers, policymakers, etc.

Personal Sustainability Seminars – Through fun, positive, and practical workshops people explore how to bring about a healthy life and sustainability on a personal, organizational and planetary level. The Alternative Nobel Prize-winning basic needs work of Chilean economist Manfred Max-Neef is explored along with other interactive tools for a sustainable life.

Keynote Presentations – Topics include: A Win-Win-Win for People, Planet and Profits; A New Vision for America; A New Bottom Line; Why Sustainability is Changing the Way We Do Business; A Quiet Revolution Comes to America; The Coming Sustainability Tsunami: Will America Ride the Wave or Go Under?; Can We Unite Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Greens and the Fed-Up?; Show Me the Money: Why Sustainability Makes Sense and Cents; Overcoming our Consumption Addiction “Affluenza” and Meeting Basic Human Needs; What’s Social Justice Got to do with Sustainability?; Saving Money, Time, Your Health and the Earth While Having Fun; Creating a Safe, Healthy Home, Workplace, Community and Planet; What does Religion Teach about Sustainability?

Organizational, Marketing and Policy Development – Once businesses, organizations and communities have a commitment to sustainability, they often want to develop policies and strategies to implement sustainability along with effective marketing approaches for communicating their efforts. Sustainability Associates assists in the development and implementation of organizational change strategies and sustainability policies while supporting the creation and carrying out of marketing plans and sustainability reports.

Technical Consulting – Many institutions face specific challenges related to a particular product, process, policy, service or building that requires focused assistance. Sustainability Associates provides the necessary technical support to achieve sustainability.

Capital Formation – Many businesses and other institutions require new capital to fund their operations. Sustainability Associates provides assistance in obtaining the necessary support to fund sustainability efforts through its extensive contacts with socially responsible investors, as well as extensive grant-writing experience.

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