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Keynote to Student Body
and Talk with Faculty
Denison University, Granville, OH 
November 10, 2005

The excitement and interest in sustainability after both of your talks was evident. Thank you for inspiring and motivating me to share my experience with others. Hopefully, we can bring you back in the spring to help us understand what as an institution, it means to become sustainable. 
– Tiffany Finley, Green Team member and student at Denison

Keynote at Interfaith Environmental Conference
Detroit, MI November 3, 2005

Thank you very much for bringing your insights, positive attitude, hope, and experience to Michigan last week. We are all richer for it.

Your talks left me with many things to contemplate, and set many things straight that I have often thought about. And some things that I've not exactly thought about, but that I've sensed or had a mysterious feeling about. Like affluenza. Like the directive to spend after 911. We wanted new ways to connect with others and make our lives more real and more meaningful. Life never seemed shorter or more fragile than at that time. To go back to business as usual didn't seem like the right thing.

I've heard many people speak on many environmental issues; you're the first who has dared to say that maybe if we take a little more time to take care of ourselves in ways other than material, we might be able to work ourselves out of our environnmental woes. Much of my work has been on the business side of environmental work. People like Bill McDonough, talking about if we just design products better, they will help the earth. Never anything about why we are compelled to have all these products, or what we might do about that. The things you talked about are things that every person could take and make a difference with--- with or without help from engineers.

The discussion of trying to fill other needs with "stuff" really resonated. And you put these things just the right way -- no guilt, no shaming, no pressure. Just a gentle reminder that there could be another way. I think it came off just right.

-- Jessica Yorko, Conference Organizer, Michigan Interfaith Power and Light
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 16:49:13 EST
Subject: Conference feedback

Attached is a 4-page report of participant feedback from evaluation surveys from the November 3, 2005 Interfaith Energy Conference in Detroit. The conference was attended by about 100 religious leaders, congregants, sustainable energy advocates/suppliers, and others. About a third of the participants provided the feedback which is in this report.

A few highlights:

81% said that this event will lead to changes in their practices related to energy.

Specific commitments include: changing practices related to conservation, insulation, and lighting; making different choices for home, work, and church; taking info from the conference back to others; and using the Energy Star website.

66% said that the event changed their thinking about energy issues.

Specific comments included: a deepened commitment, realizing how wasteful we can be with energy, realizing that we must change our practices in order to save the planet for our children and grandchildren, inspiration, feeling energized, feeling that ideas already known were reinforced.

The conference was rated a 3.5 out of 4, with 4 being excellent, 3 good, 2 fair and 1 poor.

The highest rated sessions were Terry Gips' morning talk (3.8) and afternoon talk (3.8), the Success Stories breakout session (3.7), and the plenary panel session at the end of the day (Where Do We Go From Here? 3.5).

There were also 17 comments from folks who said that they would like a full day with Terry Gips, more Terry Gips, and that they wanted more on the Natural Step.

We are taking all of this into consideration as we gear up for the 2006 conference in Grand Rapids. We had the first meeting yesterday--- it's a great committee, from various diverse backgrounds and organizations, all with a lot to bring to the table. The meeting went very well, and you'll be hearing more about that process later.

Thanks to each of you, again for making the 2005 conference such a success.




What Was Most Valuable (selected comments):

A message of HOPE.

Creating an awareness about ecological matters - Terry Gips was excellent.

Introduction to Natural Step Framework.

Natural Step, "zero" carbon impact, vendors.

Sharing Successes. Terry Gips. Mark Clevey.

Terry Gips - I could have listened to him all day. If he'd slow down. Less is more.

Terry Gips' afternoon workshop.

Terry Gips and others who are actually pursuing sustainability.

Terry Gips and Patty Gillis.

Terry Gips' keynote was very inspiring, hopeful, and realistic. Some things brought tears to my eyes.

Terry Gips' Natural Step workshop. A one-day seminar would be great.

Terry Gips' presentations.

Terry Gips was amazing! Panel was good too.

The inspiration of Terry Gips, his positive solutions.

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