Introduction to Sustainability
and the Natural Step Framework:

A Win-Win-Win for Business, Our Community and the Earth

Can we create a sustainable future for us and our children? Does environmental responsibility have to cost more or mean a lesser lifestyle? If we all recycle will we achieve sustainability? Can McDonald's really go organic, serve veggie burgers and use only renewable energy while being profitable? In the face of seemingly overwhelming challenges, can we really turn things around?

Come find out at this inspiring, interactive introductory look at a powerful new educational approach to sustainability called the Natural Step Framework (NSF), which was created in Sweden in 1989 and brought to the US in the mid 90s by Ecology of Commerce author Paul Hawken and MIT learning organization leader Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline

It is now being used by numerous municipalities, government agencies, nonprofits, schools, religious institutions, architectural firms, hospitals, cooperatives and businesses such as Interface, Starbucks, Nike, Home Depot, Electrolux, IKEA and McDonalds to save money, improve performance and become more environmentally and socially responsible.

This session will present an introduction to sustainability and the NSF, how it can benefit you at home, work and in the community, and several simple, practical steps you can take to save money, time and the environment while protecting the health and well-being of you, your children and future generations. Participants will gain a positive, new perspective and see how we can create a sustainable future.

More information on the NSF is available on the Alliance for Sustainability’s website,

Terry Gips is an ecologist, economist, author (Breaking the Pesticide Habit and The Humane Consumer and Producer Guide), independent Natural Step Framework Instructor, President of the nonprofit Alliance for Sustainability in the Hillel Center at the University of Minnesota (, and head of Sustainability Associates, a Minneapolis-based environmental consulting firm. He has previously served as Director of Ecological Affairs and Sustainability for the Aveda Corporation, Cargill assistant to the Chief Economist, White House and Congressional aide, and co-founder of the Sacramento Community Garden Program.

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