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Links and resources for design and sustainability information
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| News |

Green–Biz: Headline news

Green@Work: Headline news

Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance: UMW Sustainability Newsletter

o2 Global Network: News from the Global Sustainability Community

o2–USA Upper Midwest: News and Events from America's Upper Midwest

Ottman Report: Green Marketing

Treehugger: Design news for the thinking person

| How? |

Where do I start?
At the 2008 AIGA–Minnesota “REdesign Retreat” the question was raised again "Where do I start?" (...to learn how to do apply sustainability ideas to what I do.) – Read more >

A Natural Step Sketch for Designers
One of the most elegant ways to forward market greening is to hold each design against a sustainability checklist – breaking difficult and intertwined systems down into actionable choices. This simple step takes the uncertainty out of the process and frees the designer up to do the thing they do best – create. – Read more >

The 5Rs of Great Design
You've heard of Reduce–Reuse–Recycle, But that's only part of the story. Shifting from a world where we try to just do "less bad" to one where we are actually creating MORE GOOD – is the thought process behind a Restorative Economy. – Read more >

The Next Great Era of Design
Governments, companies, designers and consumers are waking–up to embrace new products, services and ideas that deliver on the promises they make. Things that aren't just all surface beauty, or brief functionality, but truly innovative and useful. And, most importantly, were created with all stakeholders in mind – Read more >

| Education |

Minneapolis College of Art and Design Online: Sustainable Design Certificate

This ground breaking program uses distributed learning to bring the elements of sustainable design to all designers everywhere in the world. One of the fundamental concepts built into the program is the idea of getting designers to open up their minds and freely use tools and techniques used by other design disciplines – to not be blocked by thinking they have to reinvent the wheel each time, and to better understand the interconnected nature of all things. Not just limited to designers though, the program is structured to allow buyers of design to better understand the design process, and help foster a more innovative – and sustainable – creative environment. Build a better client, building a better world.

| Industry Links |

Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide

Graphics and Print Design
indes.net reference page
The Great Printers Project
SGP Partnership
AIGA Center for Sustainable Design / Living Principles

Industrial Design
IDSA Eco–section

Packaging Design
The Great Printers Project
Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Fine Art + Photography
– Coming soon

indes.net reference page

o2–USA National Links Page
National industry specific links

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